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Started in 2015 on beautiful Camano Island,WA.I  purchased my first corso, Orekid in 2014 when I went to visit a kennel to meet the breed after studying them for over 3 years I wanted to be sure this was the breed for me.I had planned to meet the dogs and not purchase a puppy until the next year,however that black brindle female caught my eye and I fell in love.Orekid was already 3 months old when I brought her home and we had an instant bond. She is my furkid a total sweetheart I dont know what I would do without her!

I started Opal Cane Corso to start a breeding program of impeccable dogs with robust health and stable temperments as well as the corso breed standard and structure.I want to better the breed and share this wonderful and magnificent dog with others.

I am a hobby breeder ,all of my dogs live inside the house with me. I have one to two litters per year. My dogs are my furkids they eat better then me and are of the best health. All of my breeding stock is health tested Pennhip and /or OFA and my litters are pine chip potty trained at 3 weeks and temperment tested at  6 weeks. Alot of time is spent on these pups to ensure a easy transition into a new home.

Is the Cane Corso right for you?

The Cane Corso is a rare italian  mastiff bred to hunt wild boar and protect the kings and fight in the war back in the old days.They werent reconized into the AKC until 2010. They are smart, loyal protectors of their family who will lay their lives down to protect their humans. Corsos are not a breed for a everyone , they are not a golden retriever and not the best choice for first time dog owners. They have natural protection instinct and need to be socialized properly ,they are great family dogs, great with kids and easily trained, they can be high drive and stubborn at times but willing to please their humans.  Corsos are very versatile and succeed in such events as conformation,obediance, agility , lure coursing, barn hunts and even dock diving they are also used for protection work as well.Corsos have thick skin and most often will not back down if threatened in a fight. If you have time to properly socialize and train your corso,like minimal shedding,want a low maintenance dog with a large muscular build who will protect your home and family then this is the dog for you. They can be a calm laid back dogto a high drive high energy farm dog depends on each individual personality,they do bond to their humans and can be sensitive ,they are not a dog you tie to a chain and leave outside unattended all day they are indoor dogs and love to be with their humans.

Please feel free to check out my page and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Sarah Neely

Opal Cane Corso Italiano